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Clingo Universal Tablet Stand




So, I know what you are thinking…


I normally only make reviews for either cases or headphones, but today I think I can make an exception because of this brilliant stand from MobileFun’s wide range of mobile phone accessories


The stand comes presented with a nice box, which has features of the stand, and the types of tablets that it is for. It also includes a magnetic flap in which you can open and see the stand!


In the box is a user guide, a sticker (of how Clingo thought the iPad mini was going to look like) and the actual stand itself.


So, you take the tablet out of the box, and that is it…

It is completely ready to use!




The stand is pretty much made up of a steel that is very sturdy and will not move about when you are using it with a tablet- the only downside to this is that it is pretty heavy, so if you are looking for a travel tablet stand you should look elsewhere on MobileFun’s mobile phone accessories


On the bottom you will find some non-marking rubber feet that will prevent the stand from skidding when in use…


Also, on the bottom, you will find a decent sized cutout for a charger, so that you can charge your device. You could almost call it a dock!




So overall, I have really enjoyed using this stand, it does everything it says it does and better. The stand securely holds pretty much any tablet, be it an iPad or Nexus 7. It provides a great viewing angle to use your device and better yet, you can place your tablet in a landscape (my favourite) or portrait position.


I am going to give this stand a 10/10!


You can buy this stand Here


Watch my in-depth video review Here

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