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Clingo Game Pad



We all love playing those first person shooting or racing games but don’t you wish that there was a device that you could put your phone onto to help gain a better grip to the game with the Clingo Game Pad from Mobilefun will allow you to improve how effective you are at playing games while also making it more fun in the process. This game pad has been cleverly designed with ergonomics in mind you are easily able to play for hours on end. The vented design will also help to draw heat away from your hands giving you improved grip and the adhesive patch is incredibly strong and won’t leave any residue on your device while it grips it tightly as you play. Once you need to remove your device however, it’s more than easy to do so. Something that makes this game pad worth it is that you never have to worry about finding the right adapter  since the Clingo Game Pad will work with any smart phone. My overall experience with the gamepad then with other iPhone 5 Accessories I found it a bit better to play games like Fruit Ninja since I could hold the game pad with one hand and use the other hand to swipe the fruit If you are a iOS gamer or know someone who is this would make the right gift for them

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