A screen cleaner is one of the products I can’t seem to live without. If you own any touchscreen device , the main enemies to you are fingerprints. In this article, I will be helping to fight that with the CleanSeal Liquid screen cleaner, lets see if you should pick it up.

Worth the purchase ? : Yes

Where ? : GearZap

Price : £9.99

In the package

50ml CleanSeal Liquid bottle
Microfibre cleaning cloth

The bottle included only comes with 50 ml of the cleaning liquid.You might think this is quite small, but its the way you apply it to your device that makes it last long. Clearly labeled on the side of the bottle are the instructions on how to apply the cleaner to your device, phone or tablet (5 drops for phone, 12 drops for tablet). The bottle also has a twistable lid, so after using it you can ensure the bottle doesn’t leak and waste your cleaner. This cleaner is different to some other I’ve tried in that you have to leave the device alone for five minutes after wiping away all the solution on the device, I didn’t find this a big deal.

The cloth included with the screen cleaner is quite nice quality, doesn’t leave any marks and is a quite vibrant green colour. This cloth has been proven to be better than some of the other cloths I have, which I was presently surprised by. I think it is good that is nice getting a good quality cloth with the cleaner instead of getting a small cheap rag, like the cloths you get with screen protectors.


The cleanseal screen cleaner is a great little product. It is cheap, lasts a while and comes with a good quality cloth. For the price of this pack, £9.99 it is well worth a look , if you’re looking around for a good quality screen protector at a good price.

9/10- great product, would of liked the bottle to be a bit bigger.

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