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CleanMyPhone: Reclaim iPhone Storage Space Taken up by Garbage Files



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CleanMyPhone provides you the solution to keep your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch clean. By cleaning, this software also increases the speed of your iOS devices.

When you buy an expensive iPhone or iPad, obviously you will want to use it for important data storage. But the app junk files, app caches and other redundant files eat up the storage space on your iPhone and as a result your iOS device runs out of space storage within few days of its purchase. Storage increments in Apple device are too much expensive. Therefore the best option is to clean up your iPhone to free up space.

CleanMyPhone(with separate versions of PC & Mac) is the perfect software for this. Its App Cleaner feature helps you to remove the garbage files and increases storage space.

So you can clean your iPhone or iPad using App Cleaner feature of CleanMyPhone software. After scanning your device it will show you the redundant junk files including app caches, cookies etc. and delete them to recover free space on your iPhone. Thus it will also improve the speed of your iPhone. The free space on your iPhone can be used to install other new apps.


As you can see in the screen shot above, my iPhone has 500MB of garbage files including Documents & Data, App Cache, App Cookie and App Junk Files. These garbage files are produced by the iOS apps like Facebook, Instagram etc. Simply click the “Remove” button and more space is available!


Find Large Files is another useful feature of CleanMyPhone. This feature helps you to find out the larger files and then you can delete them to increase free space. By downloading music, videos etc. large files stored on the drive and over time your device runs out of space. After scanning, CleanMyPhone shows you the targeted large files and you can delete them to free up space on your iPhone or iPad.


Other useful features of CleanMyPhone are Disk Manager, Find Large Files, One-Click-Copy and many others. All these features are very useful for your iPhone or iPad. These features help you to improve the performance on your iOS device, manage files on your iPhone, recover storage space, and more.

CleanMyPhone (premium version) is available in $39.95 only. So get it and clean your iPhone.

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