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Case-Mate 7″ / 8″ Universal Pouch Case with Built-in Stand



Today I am going to review a case for a seven inch tablets from a company called GearZap which is a specialist online retailer of Netbook and Laptop accessories They even have some of the best iPad Air Cases As part of the MobileFun group, they have many years of experience in online retailing and pride ourself on offering excellent customer service. the Case-Mate 7″ / 8″ Universal Pouch Case with Built-in Stand costs about $19.99 VAT  So not bad for the price but how does it perform? That’s what this review intends to show you, so read on….


Product Name: Case-Mate 7″ / 8″ Universal Pouch Case with Built-in Stand

Provider: GearZap

Price: $19.99 VAT

I love reading but unlike most I don’t using my iPad for books so thats why I have my Kindle but as a kindle owner you will know there isn’t a lot of  “cool” cases like there is for iPad or Nexus tablets so it takes a extra step in research to find it thankfully I found a cool case from a company I like called Case-Mate its more a pouch but that isn’t a big deal for me since I like to hold my kindle sometimes and some cases do get in the way and having the included built in stand makes this case even better no longer will I have to carry my stand with me if I have my smaller tablet bag on me less I have to take the better this pouch is made of contemporary leather  that gives the  case has a timeless look and feel and it’s designed to accommodate tablets that are no larger than 8 inches in size Now even though they say on the site it works with thicker tablets like the Kindle Fire 1st Gen I would have disagree slightly since its just makes for a really tight fit but this case will work for the iPad mini providing you don’t mind  it being a little tight but not as much as the Kindle fire


So yes the sleeve is priced fairly, but is it even worth it? I would say YES if you want a to have a case and stand together but not have it “bulk up” your device or won’t break the bank So in all it’s not bad for a sleeve, Now I noticed my Kindle Fire seemed to be a bit tight when I placed it inside but if  this doesn’t bug you then you are sure to enjoy this 7” Tablet sleeve from Gearzap

The final score averages out to be a 10 out of 10, but that takes into account everything I didn’t see a need to lower the score just cause the tablet fit tight for the Kindle fire but was fine for other tablets, but as you can see below it the pros out do the cons by a long shot.

PROS                                    CONS
+Inexpensive+Seems well made+Perfect for those who want a case When testiing on the Kindle fire found it was a tight fit , iPad mini slightly less

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