Hello guys Tyler here and today I’ll be reviewing Sinjimoru’s magnetic cable management clips, so let’s get into the review.

This is an easy alternative to keep your phone cables at bay. In the package you get the magnetic base, an extra piece of adhesive, two rubber cable thickinators, and the piece that goes around the cable. When you order this product you only get one in the package, and for $9.99 you’re paying a lot, and for less you can find better options out there. If this product came with 7-8 of these magnetic cable management thingymabobs then it would be worth the 10 dollars.

This product has been one of the most useful tools I have ever had, during the day I Can attach my cable to the wall and I do not have to reach under my bed at night to try and find the cable.

This product is made very nicely, in a small easy to manage form, If this came with more than one product, then I would recommend it, but otherwise it is overpriced. If you don’t mind paying 10 dollars then this product is for you. (Get yours here)