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Budsband-Simple Solution to Tangled Earbuds Launches on Kickstarter



Simple Solution to Tangled Earbuds Launches on Kickstarter

Ann Arbor, Michigan – September 30, 2014. New smartphones get better with each release, but the
long standing and most frustrating problem with earbuds remains. Good Widget Company announced
today it is a launching a Kickstarter campaign on September 30, 2014, offering BudsbandTM, a simple
solution that solves the problem of tangled earbuds in an innovative way.  Tangled earbuds is a familiar problem to most earbuds users. Virtually every time users pull their earbuds out of a pocket, purse or backpack, they must untangle the cord. Budsband is a simple, silicone  band organizer that enables users to neatly wrap and compactly band the cord so it will stay tangle-free. It is the first organizer that does not use a plastic spool or fasteners, thereby making it smaller, simpler
and faster. To store the earbuds, the user coils the cord – then bands the coil. The fastener-free design employs the earbud’s plug – threaded through a hole in the band – to secure the band around the coil. The advantages of the Budsband over existing cord organizers:

1. Attaches to the cord unobtrusively. It’s always available when needed. Budsband is designed to
stay on the cord, unlike other organizers, which are easily misplaced.
2. Simple, compact tangle-free organization. Budsband stores the earbuds in a compact bundle
that makes it easy to slip in a pocket, purse or gym bag.
3. Fast access to your earbuds – simply unband, no unwinding. Unlike other organizers that
require unwinding, Budsband quick-release makes accessing stored earbuds super fast.

“Each new smartphone I buy is a significant improvement over the previous one, but the earbuds still
have that annoying tangle problem,” said Ed Farrell, co-founder of Good Widget Company. “Since there
has not been a convenient and simple solution, users have had to live with tangles. We think we
provided the smallest, simplest and fastest way to keep your earbuds tangle-free.”
Budsband provides two additional convenient features. It can shorten the cord to a desired length,
which is convenient while exercising. And it can tether the earbuds to zippers or buttons to keep the
cord retained. Retention of the cord is important to prevent the weight of the cord from pulling the
earbuds out of a user’s ears while exercising. Plus, it is a convenient way to hold the earbuds hands-free
when taking a break from listening.

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Good Widget Company makes innovative products so simple that you
will smile.

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