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BoxWave VersaCharger



Today I am going to review a car charger from a company called BoxWave is an industry endorsed, multi award-winning accessories provider for handheld devices like the iPhone, Treo 750, and 8525. From CNBC to Engadget, Handheld Computing Magazine to PC Today, our accessories have been recognized and featured by industry leaders on numerous occasions. Established in 2002, BoxWave has become the ultimate source for the most innovative accessories for handheld devices of all categories, including cell phones, PDA’s, smartphones, media players, gaming devices, GPS devices, UMPC’s, Tablet PC’s and more.  BoxWave offers one of the most comprehensive list of devices supported, and this list continues to expand as we update our products daily with the newest and most popular gadgets.

The design of the charger is very unique unlike any other car or wall charger charger I’ve reviewed and looks very nice for charging your iPad and Smartphone and other devices now everyone in the car or when at home or in the hotel room (up to two per charger) can charge while on the run So how does it perform? That’s what this review intends to show you, so read on….


Product Name:  BoxWave VersaCharger  

Buy It Here:  Amazon  Boxwave 

Provider: BoxWave

The Review:

In the past I have reviewed many car and wall chargers from other companies while most are the same in a way I did come across one recently from Boxwave that has combined both the car and wall charger while still keeping it “pocketable” it  has 2 ports than but is MUCH smaller in size and not bulked up like some others I reviewed I had no problem charging my iPad 2 and iPhone 5. No matter where I go this little device has always been on me.71gHeNUOOpL._SL1500_

I’ve used it everywhere even getting a quick lunch at a cafe. One person came up to me and asked what kind of charger this was since he saw there was a car charger attached I told him where to get one he thought it was very cool and never saw anything like it but he also agreed with me that maybe there should be more of color option.




I used this product for a few months and I have to say I like that the build quality of this charger and  the packaging is perfect  too minimal and less of a waste like most car or wall charger retail packing.


Overall it’s an inexpensive unique charger, but is it even worth it? I would say TOTALLY DUDE!  if you want to have your dead phone ALIVE when you get to where you are going or while your chopping down on that big mac the BoxWave VersaCharger is the charger for you.

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