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Boxwave Rejuva PowerPack (13000mAh)



Today I am going to review a powerbank from a company called BoxWave is an industry endorsed, multi award-winning accessories provider for handheld devices like the iPhone, Treo 750, and 8525. From CNBC to Engadget, Handheld Computing Magazine to PC Today, our accessories have been recognized and featured by industry leaders on numerous occasions. Established in 2002, BoxWave has become the ultimate source for the most innovative accessories for handheld devices of all categories, including cell phones, PDA’s, smartphones, media players, gaming devices, GPS devices, UMPC’s, Tablet PC’s and more.  BoxWave offers one of the most comprehensive list of devices supported, and this list continues to expand as we update our products daily with the newest and most popular gadgets.

The design of the powerbank is very simple unlike with a digital display to show how much juice is left unlike most powerbanks I’ve reviewed and looks very professional for charging your iPad and Smartphone So how does it perform? That’s what this review intends to show you, so read on….


Product Name:  Boxwave Rejuva PowerPack (13000mAh)  

Buy It Here:  Amazon  Boxwave 

Provider: BoxWave

The Review:

rejuva_powerpack_13000mah_detail_blk_lgSo no matter where I go I always got to have a power bank, this is a good practice for anyone because you never know when your phone or tablet could lose juice but with the amount of power banks out there on the market today it can become a crazy task to find the right one for you so which one do you choose there are lots and trust me I have reviewed a lot but recently I was offered Boxwave Rejuva PowerPack (13000mAh) which uses an extremely long lasting lithium battery. This powerbank easily fits in a pocket or bag for easy portability



Some of the best parts I liked about the Boxwave Rejuva PowerPack beyond the design is it has a digital display so you know how much juice you have something not too many powerbanks on the market have today. The powerbank has two USB slots and 1 Micro USB slot to charge the powerbank Now you might be asking ok I like it but how much juice can it hold well it can handle a fair amount enough for one full iPad charge or a few iPhone 5 fuel ups.  The Powerbank has a flashlight which most external batteries are starting to feature in their products.

rejuva_powerpack_13000mah_charging_blk_lgI used this product for a few weeks and I have to say I love the Boxwave Rejuva PowerPack. This Powerbank only comes with a mini USB- USB cable to charge There is no user manual along or support card but really you don’t need that extra stuff to be honest.


So yes the power bank is priced right, but is it even worth it? I would say YES! if you want a to have a power bank that is just simple for a quick juice up for your tablet or phone with no problem.


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