So as some of my viewers and friends know I’ve always talked about apple and only apple but something I recently started exploring was android and windows phone but the reason I like apple is all my devices sync together even when it comes to streaming a Youtube video via Airplay (Macbook,iPad,IPhone,AppleTv) But if you have Android I guess you could get a Roku and plug a usb stick into the tv device or you could get a chromebox but there’s one problem that even my apple tv has the Wifi was syncing to device to device then to the tv is SLOW and the graphics aren’t the best So in my quest to stream to the highest quality on my tv from my laptop and mobile devices I checked around to see what could work and what had an easy user interface, what used less power and could be portable in the sense I could throw it into a backpack and set up in seconds  So this is where I stumbled across Biggifi so how well does it work? lets find out…

Product Name: Biggifi

Price : $89.99 USD (New Egg)

The Review:

The packaging, is a white box which shows the BiggiFI with a stream of apps coming up from the image for retail purposes to show you can use “millions of apps” since it uses the Google Play Store inside the box you will get a few things to get you started a long micro-USB cable ,USB power adapter (Mine was US but not sure if they have a EU one) there was also a double-sided paper which tells you some  quick tips to get up and running there is also a short HDMI cable that you can put behind your tv in case your tv doesn’t have the room for the BiggiFi


The BiggiFi is about the same size as the Chromecast maybe a tad bigger from what I’ve seen on a few friends who have them a few features I like about the BiggiFi is the Micro-SD slot and USB port something that is a must with streaming box’s today. I plugged my SSD drive into the usb port BiggiFi noticed it but it didn’t display my drive not sure why it didn’t display it like my SD card but if you wanted to plug-in a wired mouse and didn’t want to run it from a phone app you could plug the mouse into the usb port I can bet you might be able to also use a USB hub to get a few more ports like you can on an Android phone


The UI is very nice it uses Android Jellybean so if you have used a tablet with jelly bean think of BiggiFi as Jellybean tablet for your TV which can be controlled with an Android app or IOS depending on type of phone you have and are used will depend on what you feel comfortable controlling I like my iPhone 5 with Maxboost battery case rather than using my KitKat Oppo N1 Phone


Controlling the BiggiFi is easy with the app when it comes to typing in something you type in first on the app and then click SEND which sends it to the device this helps prevent mistakes I can’t tell you how many times I made a mistake typing in a password or searching for a movie on my Roku plus having the full phone’s keyboard and not selecting each letter and character with the arrow keys on the Roku I also like that the UI is Android and not a custom UI but I do wish it had bluetooth built-in so I could use my bluetooth mouse,keyboard or speaker system


So yes the BiggiFi is inexpensive , but is it even worth it? I would say yes if you want to watch movies on your tv without air streaming the content from your device with lost quality So in all it’s not bad for a android TV device  The final score averages out to be a 10 out of 10, but that takes into account everything,

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