So you are reading this I bet you might have a business or brand you are managing and want to hold a giveaway to help broaden your reach well you click on the right post I have done all the work by testing out which services work the best for giveaways for the past 2 years no matter what social networks you have  If there is one thing I learned when doing a giveaway was that the word “giveaway” is a big keyword  in SEO (according to this SEO expert in Bangalore) that when used on twitter,YouTube, or Facebook brings everyone together sometimes just for at that one time event not really in the spirit of why you are holding the giveaway but a good percentage to stick around and enjoy your future content so its only right to reward those who visit your site everyday with a Starbucks gift card I have listed in no favorite order the best sites to check out to help your brand out when holding a giveaway even when it’s just as small as an app or a stick or gum (not that anyone would enter for a 5 cents stick of gum)




Now I have used this service on the site since around February of 2013 I have held a few giveaways with them and have also partnered with them on the rewards tab you are seeing now and its been very good heck its gotten me to check my site everyday something I can bet not a lot of us do PunchTab certainly gives you and the reader an appreciation for the content you are putting on your site so  now you are asking how did PunchTab come to be well its Based in Silicon Valley and led by YouSendIt founders Ranjith Kumaran and early YouSendIt engineer Mehdi Ait Ofkur, PunchTab is funded by Mohr Davidow Ventures, The Social+Capital Partnership, CrunchFund, Venky Harinarayan and Anand Rajaraman and was founded in January 2011, as a multi-channel loyalty and engagement platform that enables agencies, brands and enterprise organizations to incentivize user behavior and drive business success. PunchTab’s customers use the company’s flexible solutions to deepen audience engagement and build awareness by leveraging everything from social sharing and UGC and awareness campaigns to sophisticated B2E and B2B programs. PunchTab offers both an out-of-the-box product and a fully customizable, white-labeled solutions that can reward any action with virtual, social and real-world rewards.



So after using PunchTab I wanted to use something a bit more user-friendly even though Gleam just gave it a cleaner more Apple feel to the giveaway choosing a winner is the same way as PunchTab But with Gleam you can verify and not count cheaters who say they did something and think the machine counts it something PunchTab hasn’t done. Gleam is a privately owned business (Crowd9 PTY LTD) founded in Melbourne, Australia since 2013, with the aim to help businesses focus on users & actions – not impressions or clicks. You can find out more about they are here



If you don’t feel like siting around the laptop babysitting your giveaway then rafflecopter is perfect for you Rafflecopter allows you to customize and embed an entry form on your site that incentivizes your audience to perform tasks in exchange for entries into a sweepstakes. Customize your widget and place it anywhere HTML is accepted, whether it’s on your WordPress blog, your Facebook page, or both! Provide the promotion details, plug in the prize, and you’re off and collecting entries. The more entries completed by entrants, the better chance they have of winning, and the more interaction your promotion receives, helping you grow your community.

Build your email lists. Grow your audience across all your social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. When your promotion ends, Rafflecopter gives you the tools that makes selecting and announcing a winner a piece of cake. Download all your entries (including name, email, IP, timestamp, entry options, etc) into an excel spreadsheet with a single click.