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Best Protection for Your Phone? Skin/Cases Review!

There are many ways to protect your phone, but which one is the best?



Hey guys Drake here, today we are taking a look at some awesome skins and cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. So while I continue to work on my review for the S6 edge, I’ve noticed while the phone does feel really premium, it is VERY VERY slippery and it’s almost a crime to use this phone without a case. These are some really high quality skins and cases for the phone, and I think if you have the S6 or S6 edge, you should definitely check them out. Before we start, take note that all of these companies can provide many different protections for all of your devices so even if you don’t have the S6 edge, you can still buy a case or skin for your current device most likely.

So for our first item, we have an amazing SlickWraps skin. SlickWraps offers very high quality skins, the one they sent out for me to review is the Carbon Fiber skin. This is a very very good option for somebody looking to add some grip to their device, without adding extra bulk and losing the feel for the device. If you do decide to pick up the skin for the S6 edge, however, note that this does not protect the phone from damage and drops the same way a case would. Another thing I like about the skin is that you can pick and choose what pieces to apply, as the skins come with front, back, sides, top, bottom, and camera and lens pieces. Me personally, I started off using only the back skin, then I fell hard for the full skin and now I use every piece excluding the fingerprint scanner for obvious reasons. Overall, considering price point, usually between 15 and 20 bucks and usablility of the skin, I would recommend it over the other two cases I’m about to mention. You can buy SlickWraps here.

Moving along, for our first case, we have the Urban Armour Gear case for the S6 edge. This is the Ash version of the case, and it retails for about 35 bucks. This is the best case I’ve used for the S6 Edge, as I like the design very much. It is a light yet protective case, and you don’t see that often from cases. It’s just a one piece case so it’s easy to put on and remove. The buttons are still very tactile and easy to click, and it just feels like a very premium case. It will protect the phone from some lighter drops, and should hold up your device well. You can buy a case from UAG here.

Lastly, for the final case for the S6 Edge, I got my hands on a case from Poetic Cases. This is the Black Revolution case, and this retails for around 15 bucks, and this has the potential to be a high quality case, but in my opinion there’s a few issues that turn me away from it. The biggest one, is by far the covers over the buttons. Unlike the Urban Armour Gear Case, this cases button covers were absolutely terrible. If I can’t hit the power button on my first attempt, I just can’t use the case for an extended period of time. The price, the good build quality elsewhere, and the 3 year manufacturer warrenty however, all make a good run for the case. If they just fixed the button protection, I could use this case all the time. You can buy a case from Poetic Cases here:

So that about concludes this video guys, this was my review and comparison of the best protection for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. As usual, this video was all in my opinion, and because of that, I’ll let you guys decide, which would be the best protection for your phone? Stay tuned for my full review of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. As always, keep it tuned to NH Tech.

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