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Have you ever wanted to have all your devices together when they are charging so you can find them when you need them? While do I have  the product to talk about from a company called Belkin thanks to our friends over at Mobilefun for setting us up with one.

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This charging station has cleaned up my wires and chargers I had on my nitestand (and let me tell you I had alot of chargers)  and when its done charging all the devices it turns off saving you some bucks on that energy bill something we all love right there.The charging unit itself draws no power, increasing the efficiency of device recharging.

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Additionally, the smart charger senses when a new device is added in order to charge and will recognize when other devices are fully charged, automatically turning off the corresponding USB ports in order to save power and prevent over charging. Just as the site mentions you can charge up to 4 devices simultaneously with the 4 USB outputs each with a power output of 500 mA. Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 6.44.26 AM

As one of the customers on mobile fun’s site said its “Perfect for every one in the house” everyone has some type of device why not save money and not have the question in the house be “WHERES MY IPHONE?” Pick up aBelkin Conserve Valet Smart USB Charging Station for your family today OH BTW if you live in the USA and want to buy the Belkin Conserve Valet Smart USB Charging Station be sure to order it from Mobile Fun USA this way you get a american plug while your there be sure to check out the many other phone chargers Mobile Fun has too offer