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Game enthusiasts now have access to a never-tried-before concept with Avatari which was founded by Michele Elkan and Michael Elkan, two interactive entertainment whiz kids, to offer a state-of-the-art virtual world platform that can be used by gamers across the globe simultaneously the game that signifies the victory of good over evil. Avatari is a completely new concept that is unique to gaming. The game offers unusually high levels of interaction that forces the players to actually think unlike other game  apps where mindless moves give little scope for education or learning of values. The developers have done a marvelous job of blending the contemporary with the traditional by brilliantly using the gaming approach to create interest in the philosophy of good over evil. The legendary story of Hiranayakashipu and his son Prahlad is used with telling effect in this adventure game, which comes with a powerful background music for a superb impact. The game is based on a famous story in the Ancient Vedic History where the king of demons Hiranyakashipu tricks Lord Brahma to grant him, what he believes is eternal immortality, using the powers of which he can conquer the universe from the powerful Gods. The demon king, however, fails to get his son Prahlad to support his evil idea. Hiranyakashipu also realizes that he could lose his powers because of his son’s righteousness. The enraged father then orders the demons to kill the saintly son. The brilliantly designed game with its high quality graphics captures this exciting story in vivid detail with some stunningly creative animation that is guaranteed to keep children engrossed for hours on end.According to the developers, the players in this app assume the role of Prahlad. Players have to overcome a host of obstacles in the first of this two-part game. In the second part, the actual fight takes place in the warrior zone. The real fight with its unique graphics is certainly one of the highlights of the Avatari app. Overall I really like this app and as I saw in the iTunes store others have compared to it like Temple Run so if you like Temple Run then I am sure you will like Avatari

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