I have tried many different bluetooth keyboards since getting my iPad mini and I have to say the Avantree KB-Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad Mini from Mobilefun might be the best of both worlds a bluetooth keyboard is an ideal complement for the iPad Mini if you write as many emails or posts as me and the Avantree KB-Mini is a leather style folio case with a detachable silicone keyboard. It can be used to protect your iPad mini when you are on the go and includes a magnetic fastener for increased security. The case includes a full QWERTY silicone keyboard which is comfortable and easy to use just as a normal Apple wireless keyboard is Additionally the keyboard allows for quiet keystrokes which is ideal for use when commuting since no one wants to hear a million keys being pressed while traveling Something that might be very impressing is this keyboard lasts up to 30 hours off a single charge, so you don’t have to worry about having to plug it in constantly. But when you have to it uses a standard Micro USB charging cable included and an innovative feature of this case is that it has built-in magnets to work with the iPad Mini sleep sensor but I should let you know that this doesn’t work since the bluetooth keyboard does get in the way of the top of the case and the iPad mini But overall it still doesn’t change my mind about how much I still like this iPad mini cover and I am sure if you are a working professional you will too

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