Most know I love my Cygnett inSound headphones but recently I have been using the Avantree Hive Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones from Mobilefun these headphones feature advanced 2.4 Ghz Bluetooth technology to ensure improved connectivity and easy pairing of mobile devices. With these Avantree Bluetooth headphone set you can enjoy your favorite tracks and receive calls on your mobile. A stylish pair of black headphones with a soft-touch rubberized finish, you can put them on and enjoy freedom of movement up to 10 metres as you listen to your music even though I just use my standard cable that came with the insound headphones since I don’t really for flat cables on headphones Now this next feature which I am not a big user of is an integrated microphone and call management buttons found on the ear cup of headphones which allow you to use the headphones to take calls from your phone hands-free. Once paired with your phone, the headphones will mute the music and allow you to take the call seamlessly buy pressing the answer button. Similarly, a ‘call waiting’ button is included to ignore incoming calls in favor of listening to streamed music. One thing I really liked is the way it charges it uses the 3.5mm Connection to USB charge the device which I havent seen anything of its type like ever it was very easy to pair on my mac or iPad and they were so comfortable I almost forget I was still wearing them that is because they have been designed to perfectly blend of form and function. The design includes on-ear playback functions which allowing you to play/pause your favorite tracks as well as adjusting the volume for greater control of your music experience. The increased ear cup foam density of the Avantree headphones not only enhance user comfort but the headphones’ precise fitting also helps shut out external noise for extraordinary clarity and hard-driving bass. The stylish headband is padded so that it provides a comfortable fit and can be easily adjusted to suit all head sizes. Overall from some of the other Bluetooth Headsets out there the Avantree Hive Wireless Bluetooth might be one of best and the price is just right for anyone to buy its just sightly under $40 much better then some I have seen out there so if you are looking for a nice pair of bluetooth headphones I know you be happy with these

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