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Cable Management Made Easy

Hello guys Tyler here and today I’ll be reviewing Sinjimoru’s magnetic cable management clips, so let’s get into the review. This is an easy alternative to keep your phone cables at bay. In the package you get the magnetic base, an extra piece of adhesive, two rubber cable thickinators, and the piece that goes around the cable. When you order this product you only get one in the package, and for $9.99 you’re paying a lot, and for less you can find better options out there. If this product came with 7-8 of these magnetic cable management thingymabobs then...

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My Thoughts on Android N

Hello guys Tyler here and today I am going to talk about Android N so lets get into it. Not much has changed besides split window view, settings, and the quick settings panel, yes the app drawer is still there. A lot of people are saying its Touch-wiz for non Samsung devices, and I don’t agree with that one bit. First of all, Touch-wiz is laggy, no matter what variant of it Samsung is using, seriously it’s like they purposefully made the operating system bad, they have had plenty of time to iron out the bugs, and get it...

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My Thoughts on MWC 2016

Hello guys Tyler here and today we will be taking a look at my thoughts on MWC 2016, so without further or do let’s get into it. There were two main phones released, actually three but two were by the same company. The LG G5 and the Samsung galaxy S7 and S7 edge, that’s right, no plus, or any confusing naming. So we’re going to start with the LG G5 because if i start with the boring part, well, nobody would read this. The LG G5 is a complete redesign of the G series, and that isn’t necessarily a...

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How to Live stream on a Chromebook

Hello guys Tyler here back with another article, so today I will be showing you how to live stream from a Chromebook, so let’s get into it. The first thing you will want to do is travel to your channel and click video manager. After that to the left you will see a live streaming option, click that. You will see two live streaming options, just click on events. Once you are in your live events click add event. Now title your live event and make sure you have quick enabled, this will open hangouts on air when you...

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Why you Need a Chromebook

Hello guys Tyler Here and today I’m going to give you the top 5 reasons why you should get a Chromebook. Were going to start with reason number 5 and work our way up to reason 1, so let’s get into it. Reason 5: Price, Chromebooks are relatively cheap, and you get some good hardware for your money, most of the hardware could probably run windows 10 no problem, and with how small chrome OS is, you can expect almost absolute lag free enjoyment. Reason 4: Google, Google has a number of chrome web apps that make using a...

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