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Qbopz Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

  Ok, ok another wireless speaker. If your thinking this your right but even worse I got some pretty bad things to say about this speaker so be ready for my personal opinion.   Design:   Probably the only good thing about the product is its funky design. The buttons are easy enough to access but only if they worked it would be a good thing. Also it sticks to the back of your device with a suction cup type thing on the back which makes a nice stand which is a little bonus.   Sound: For a product like this the sound is extremely distorted and just not good at all. It’s a shame, as I liked the design functionality. Bass is pretty low and Trebles are fuzzy.   There is another product out there called the Gumrock speaker which is identical to this one so either it’s a copy or it has been copy it shows me how cheaply this product can be made for.   The Verdict   I kept this review short and simple as I have no interest in the product anymore. The sound is not good so I always refer back to my Tylt Tunz Bluetooth Speaker which is much more higher quality.   Here is a link to buy the product:   It’s a shame I have to give a bad...

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Jabra Tour Bluetooth Speakerphone Review

  The Jabra tour is a uniquely designed product. Its like the accessory apple would make pacifically make for there products.   Design   As I always like to talk about design first in my other reviews this one is special. The metal attachment at the back is great but lacks customizability as you are very limited to attach it in places in your car, Only really the dash and the pull out mirror and drivers license pull out. But at least it does not slip off the dash when I was driving so I am happy with that....

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KitSound Manhattan Wireless Headphones Review

Let me start off by saying I absolutely love these headphones. I almost think they are my favorite headphones of all time for the price, honestly these things are really impressive and I want to share my experience with them with you.   So lets get into the review   Build Quality   As you may now if you are a regular reader of my articles you may already know I love to start out with the build quality as it is the most important part of a product as opposed to the insides in my opinion.   The...

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3D Home Android App

If you are looking to create your own house away from home you might want to try 3D Home on the Google Play store which is an ultimate 3D launcher for creating a “Home! Sweet Home!” on your Android device! Your Android mobile device is a “home” for many of the things you enjoy. With the 3D Home you can now create a unique desktop experience on your Android device that allows you to connect with it in a whole new way! The 3D Home allows you to easily manage every aspect of your mobile desktop in a virtual realm. Don’t like...

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Is Windows phone dying?

Well let me start of saying that there is still hope for Windows Phone but this my personal opinion and thoughts on this topic. Last week a had a discussion with Nokia’s PR Team face to face as they flew over from England to promote the new Lumia 1020. My first and most important question was… Whats happening with app availability? Do Developers have to pay to get there apps on the Nokia Store? Well i got this answer ‘It is not in Nokia’s hands when it comes to apps, It up to the developers and to the public to...

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