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CoolStream Bluetooth Audio Receiver

The CoolStream Bluetooth audio receiver is an easy way to listen to your music without the need of placing your device on a speaker dock, only to leave it stationary. This little guy basically just sits on the 30-pin dock connector and lets you carry your device around within aprox 30 feet from the dock. This allows you to check messages, change your music or answer a call without messing with wires or pulling off the device just to perform a simple task. One of the major benefits of the receiver is that if you change from, let’s say,...

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Rocket case Ghetto Blaster

I am not sure about you but I sorta remember the boom box days being 18 years old now but for those of you like Dave and lived though this era before iPods and had VHS’s and Cassiate tapes and want to relive this memory on your phone then Rocket Cases is the site to check out today I got the chance to check out the Ghetto Blaster which is a very easy snap on boom box looking case the case is made of  a hard plastic shell and there’s no lay on the table so if you like laying your...

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Musubo Hyper-Grip for the iPhone 5

The Musubo Hyper-Grip is one of the most unique cases I have put my hands on (and I have put my hands on many cases). The silicone is made from a durable material and is designed to feel comfortable. The kit comes with a screen protector and a nifty stand. Another cool feature is the colorful hard cross support that attaches in the middle of the case. The installation is really simple. Once ensuring all edges are flush and the cross bar latched on, you will in fact notice how comfortable the case feels in the hand. The silicone...

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Rocketcases Retro Cassette Case for the iPhone 5

The Rocketcases Retro Cassette Case for the iPhone 5 is a pretty cool looking case that is going to give you TPU protection. The case is designed to replicate obviously one of those ancient cassette tapes that are now considered collectors items. This case definitely gives that old school look. Rocketcases did a good job designing this case. It is not put together in a cheap form and layout. The TPU material hugs the iPhone 5 around all the edges, is raised above the screen and is made from a durable material. Overall the iPhone is fully protected from...

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