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iPhone Challenge Completed – Results and Review!

Today I FINALLY have the iPhone Challenge Completed/Full Review for you guys. So this review has turned into a full-on project, mainly due to the length that I have used an iPhone and how attached and accustomed I have gotten to using this device. My original iPhone Challenge Part 1, which you can find here if you haven’t seen yet, went up about a month and a half ago from the time this is going up. It has been delayed greatly, partially due to personal life complications, and partially for me awaiting a few things. First, I wanted to wait for the release of iOS 9, and I also wanted to release the final part a few days upon the release of the iPhone 6S. Basically, the original point of the challenge was to switch from being a complete Android user for the past 5 years, to use nothing but an iPhone for a few weeks. Well I completed the challenge, but now I want to share with you guys my thoughts, opinions, and recap of my first iPhone experience. The iPhone 6 Plus was Apple’s first attempt into the “phablet” category, and while it wasn’t a bad first attempt, some things could have been handled better. So first, I want to squash the whole “too big” thing that has surrounded the 6 Plus and the upcoming 6s Plus....

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iPhone 6/6S+ Poetic Cases Review!

Today, I take a look at Poetic Cases for the iPhone 6 Plus. The two cases I received for review are the Revolution and Affinity cases. Let’s start with the Affinity case. It retails here for about 20 bucks, which is a pretty great price for a quality case. It features a clear body, with the boarders being black “TPU-Rich corners” to protect from drops. Overall, this is a smaller case and doesn’t add a ton of bulk, but it does make the phone protected and safe from most moderate drops. One con however, is that I noticed that when I remove the case, The top black layer tends to flair out just a bit and bends a little, although I have removed and put on this case multiple times. Overall, considering the price and build quality, I would consider this case a STEAL for the price. Moving along, let’s look at the Revolution case. It retails here for 25 bucks, again a steal. This is a two layer case, with the front layer being a screen protecter and the second layer being Hybrid TPU Skin. This is a pretty bulky case but I can almost assure you this case will protect you from 95% of drops I’m that confident in the build quality. The button covers are really tactile which I LOVE and overall this is a really...

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Kingston HyperX Savage Review

Yo what is up guys Drake here, and today I have my review of the Kingston HyperX Savage SSD. This is a performance yet cost effective drive, and I think this drive fills that role perfectly. First, let’s talk about the unboxing experience. When I unboxed the Savage, I was very surprised to see a large bundle of items. You are first greeted by the drive itself. Under the thick foam padding is a USB 3.0 enclosure to transfer data, which came in CLUTCH when I migrated my operating system from my hard drive to this SSD, a 2.5...

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iPhone Challenge #1 – Intro!

So for the past four years, I have always used Android in all my phones and tablets. Today, that changes. In the video embed, I unbox my first ever iPhone – the 6 Plus. I got the larger 6 Plus model because of the OIS, bigger battery, and I like bigger phones. I got the AT&T Space Gray 16 GB model, and so far I am liking it. The purpose of this challenge is to force myself to use an iPhone for a period of 2-4 weeks and use it as my daily driver. Once the period is up,...

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iPhone 6s Rumors and Release Date Info

For the past seven years, Apple has always released an “S” version of the iPhone from the previous year. It started with the 3G in ’08, then the 3GS in ’09, and since then, the pattern hasn’t broke. Now, we can only expect for Apple to follow tradition, and release the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus this September. Every “S” version of the iPhone, we usually see hardware improvements, new software, but usually inside of a similar chassis and build quality of the previous iteration of the Apple flagship. Nearly one month away from the expected release date of...

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