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If there is something I’ve learned in life nothing beats a harder shell case for your tablet and a company called URBAN ARMOR GEAR knows how to make a tough case. Their products show the independent spirit of their own designers and represent a dedication to superior quality and craftsmanship. their distinctive cases are engineered to protect your gear from the rigors of an active lifestyle and enhance the utility of your device. They combine light-weight materials in a rugged, low-profile design to provide maximum protection for your tablet. Utilizing a tough yet durable exterior we call FrogSkin™, Oversized ports, tactile buttons, and compatibility...

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Urban Armor Gear iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Cases

Today I am going to review several cases from Urban Armor Gear a company that is making some durable cases. As I pointed out in the many video reviews below these are for iPhone 7 but they will also work with the iPhone 6/6s line since UAG still put the headphone jack hole on the cases unlike a few others I’ve found on Amazon. Where to buy: all the cases listed here are on one convenient webpage on Urban Armor Gear’s site and is also available in store and online at Bestbuy UAG’s Monarch Series cases feature 2X Drop-Protection and...

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I’ve reviewed my fair share of backpacks and “bags” and if I could name just recall just one that was great it would be a tough one but I did quite enjoy Casecrown Messenger Bag back when Casecrown was into Black and Orange the material was great and the bag never ripped in fact I still have it So today after YEARS of sitting back and reading the tweets from @casecrown in my feed I thought “hmm I should see what’s up and so I did and they were glad to hear from me again. They said “HEY we...

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Syncwire 3.3 FT Apple Lightning Charge and Sync Cable

Ok as I said in my Syncwire charger review Apple has updated the devices and software alot but never really cared to upgrade the cables the chargers now if you know me I prefer to use a braided cable with aluminum (metal ends on the usb and lighting part) but there’s a few select cables out there I will let into my life that are like a twin of apple’s cable but wait for it… BUILT better and that is where this product comes in,of course the cable has an identifying mark of the syncwire logo on the usb end. This cable seems to be somewhat better in durability but at least they work well for syncing and charging my iPhone and iPad mini and are holding up so far. So as you heard in the video if you found the review from my youtube video I told you that this cable is more for people who like the apple cable and it’s made from the same with a coated rubber which tends to feel greasy both ends but I’m learning to live with it since my macbook cable is made of this material . The (USB and LIGHTNING PORT) are made of an aluminum which is very rare for a cable to be a almost twin of apple’s sync cable so I would put this up on my...

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Syncwire Nylon Braided 2 Pack 3 3ft Micro USB Cable

There is no better cable on earth that I can recommend the Braided cables I’ve used a bunch of them from different sellers all of them are quite good but recently I’ve started using more of these mesh type braided cables which in my opinion is just all about the design I got to say they appeal to me more but I’ve never seen any other color beside black/gray Now this cable isn’t reversible but that’s ok and it doesn’t bother me but it would of been quicker to just put into the device not have to think about which side is right I use my micro usb cables to charge my battery cases and portable battery/speakers The sync cable does have a identifying mark the Syncwire logo on the micro usb end this sync cable is very different from others I’ve reviewed in terms of design and durability I like that this cable is made of a tangle free mesh like nylon and not a coated rubber which tends to feel greasy both ends (USB-Micro USB) are made of a aluminum and are very durable unlike the original apple cable and best of all the charging speed is on SOLID with no drops in charging speed which is what really counts Product Reviewed:

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