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Something that is great about this brand of cases I am reviewing today and which I’ve reviewed in the past is their design,concept and mission hasn’t changed like most sellers who sell online the company is called URBAN ARMOR GEAR their products show the independent spirit of their own designers and represent a dedication to superior quality and craftsmanship. their distinctive cases are engineered to protect your gear from the rigors of an active lifestyle and enhance the utility of your device. their Composite Cases show a patented design that features a hard outer shell and a soft impact resistant core. Although visually...

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HERO By WinnerGear

Meet HERO – the world’s smallest True Wireless Earbuds We all love to work out and exercise , whether its crossfit running or just riding down the hill , and we always in a race to improve our score , burn more fat , gain more muscles .. But it seems today that the gadgets that were supposed to help us are actually holding us back . Instead of being focused on your workout you’re always messing with your earbuds wires and fixing it in your ear so it won’t fall out . Now we’re launching HERO earbuds with...

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Audio-Technica ATR6550 and ATR6250 Stereo Condenser Microphones

Today I am going to review two stereo condenser microphones from a company called AudioTechnica a leading innovator in transducer technology, renowned for the design and manufacture of microphones, wireless microphones, headphones, mixers, and electronics for the audio industry. The Audio-Technica ATR6550 and ATR6250 Stereo Condenser Microphones come at a affordable cost of $49 and $69 USD and is available at a variety of retailers like Staples,Walmart B&H and of course Amazon for the same price no matter where you get it but some might have deals here and there on them. So not bad for the price but how well do...

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This is my review of Komo Tea. They develop tea blends that taste great while delivering a clear benefit. Check out the four unique blends they’ve launched with at I loved them and I think you will too!     Rise & Shine – Website Link Benefits & Speaking Points:   RISE & SHINE combines the familiar flavor of Earl Grey tea with a touch of vanilla, producing a rich aroma with a deliciously creamy and robust flavor profile. No need for cream or sugar! FRESHEST TEAS – We blend and package our teas in micro batches (less...

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Fremo EVO Amp’d – an intelligent battery base with bluetooth speaker For Amazon Echo Dot (Alexa unlimited with audio)

Today I am going to review a bluetooth speaker that was build for use with the Amazon Echo Dot from a company called Fremo, is a North America Brand Name of the Scud Battery Company in China. The Scud Battery Company is a very well recognized name in the Asia Cell Phone Battery Market and is a Top Three Battery Manufacturer in China. Fremo is the recognized expert in world class design, manufacturing, testing, and packaging of these cell phone products. Fremo can design, build, and package any cell phone accessory product specifically to the customers requirements. Scud Corporation,...

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