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Free and Efficient Ways to Move from Android to Your iPhone 8/8 Plus for FREE

October each year is when millions of people make a change from Android phones to iPhone. If you are one of them, how would you move your cherished photos, meaningful messages and more to their new home? It is true that there are many ways to accomplish this, but while seeking for ways to transfer data from Android phone to iPhone, people are all looking for ways that are, first, free of charge, second, 100% secure for data, third, easy. To save you a lot of time doing searching, here, we will show you two easy & free ways...

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DesignEvo-Create a Custom Logo Free

Having a logo is one of the most direct ways to convey brand culture and identity. A well-designed logo speaks volumes about your business. It not only helps show business recognition but also builds customer trust. That’s why people always tend to hire a professional designer to make them a custom logo. However, paying for a graphic designer costs money, especially for small business owners and other people who have limited budgets. With the idea to simplify the cumbersome logo design process and cut cost, DesignEvo, an online logo design tool, is launched to help people create unique and...

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EarHoox 2.0

Earhoox 2.0 – for Apple EarPods & AirPods GIVEAWAY LINK Earhoox, a product that offers an innovative solution to loose and uncomfortable earbuds, is conveniently located on,Amazon and UK website builder are enhancers uniquely designed to stretch over earbuds in order to provide a more comfortable, secure fit – one that is in tune with an active lifestyle. The problem-solving product is specifically engineered to fit the new Apple iPhone 5 EarPods, as well as traditional round earbuds. Earhoox are offered in a variety of colors including white, black, blue, and pink. Each package contains multiple sizes to accommodate...

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Jisoncase One-piece Designed Vintage Leather Flip Case Sleeve with Stand Function for Apple Macbook Pro 13″ Retina Without CD Drive Brown JS-PRO-05R20

I love my macbook pro and I think it’s quite obvious that with all the repairs and upgrades I’ve made to it it’s a part of the family so why wouldn’t I keep it protected with a case, now you might be thinking David that seems pointless I can tell you it’s not since I’ve dropped my macbook once and if it wasn’t in a case like the one I am reviewing today I think the outcome would of been more stressful on me and the macbook Today I’ll be reviewing a case from a  company called JisonCase founded in...

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LXORY Solar Powered WIFI IP Surveillance Camera System With Night Vision and Motion Detection

Today I am going to review a solar wireless IP camera from a company called LXORY is a company driven by a passion for luxurious accessories. Their mission is to elevate the experience with your mobile devices by providing products which seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle and perfectly compliment your device. With a fresh 360 view on what matters and what doesn’t, they constantly and carefully listen to their customers, striving to find the right mix in durability, weight, surface quality, material, usability and design. The camera costs about $179.50 USD and comes with Free shipping so that’s all you will pay. So...

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