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A Digital Valentine’s Day?

Well As I Was Watching The Game This Past Sunday I Was Looking At All The High Tech Used To Put This Game On and I was amazed I mean this is great of course they were playing at my team’s stratum and yes I root for the cowboys you may boo me now I know they aren’t a good team but I like a challenge so I came to an idea for a short news post for this week cause as I am writing this I am sick and I don’t think it helps to be eating all this stuff why not write about how people plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day but of course try to put something tech in here well here goes. Americans are having a passionate love affair with technology, so much so that it has come to be integrated with nearly every aspect of our day-to-day life. And with all of the social networking, online shopping, casual gaming, digital entertainment, and other public displays of affection rampantly occurring between us and technology, it would make sense if we expressed our love with others this way – via email, text messaging, etc. – on one of the most romantic days of the year. But it just isn’t so. Despite the intense digital age we live in, Americans are surprisingly traditional when it comes to celebrating...

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Facebook announced major changes (yet again)

Facebook announced major changes yesterday to the design and functionality of its Pages, bringing them closer to individual user profiles in look and functionality. We’re excited about these updates, as they will improve the ability of our customers to connect with audiences. The changes impact the user experience visually, giving a more compelling look and feel to Pages; functionally, allowing brands and companies to operate more the way individual users do; but also by greatly increasing your ability to build richer application experiences using iFrames. In addition to having applications that perform better, brands will also have greater flexibility in the way they name them. The changes go into effect for all Facebook Pages on March 10, which gives you four weeks to preview the new format and switch over at any time before then. The changes will certainly enhance the visibility, access to, and effectiveness of Involver applications, but it’s important to learn how they work in order to make the most of this exciting new look and feel. Below is a map of the new features, followed by an additional summary of the changes, many of which we expected: 1-Photo strip above the Wall (with most recent photos you posted or tagged) 2-Tabs move over to the left panel, in the form of a list (maximum of 6 above the fold) 3-Profile picture reduced from 200 x...

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SayNow acquisition with Google

SayNow acquisition with Google By Dave Wow it seems no matter where you go today no place is safe from this tough economy there are stores in the malls closing or a company selling out to another bigger company a few years ago I signed up for a service called “Say Now” which is a direct way of fans of Hollywood or YouTube Stars to contact them which is cool now a while back the service known as Google Voice which is the team at Say Now will be combining with in a future post I will talk more about the history of how Google voice came to be Based in Palo Alto, California, Say Now’s platform supports applications used by celebrities and sports figures to communicate with groups. For instance, the musical artist Souljaboy used a SayNow phone number to let fans listen to his voice messages, potentially talk to him and interact with each other. SayNow says that the Souljaboy phone number is the most called seven-digit phone number ever. SayNow announced the acquisition in a note on its Web site. It said the company would combine forces with the Google Voice team. “We have no specific product plans to announce at this time, but we’ll have more to say about our roadmap as we integrate with Google, so stay tuned,” the note said. In a statement,...

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