Author: Devanshu Mevada

Partition Mini Tool Review

Partition Mini Tool ( Home Edition ) is a freeware  Developed by MINI TOOL which is your perfect task handler towards daily partition stuff. The home edition is free though you can purchase a  Professional Edition of $39.  It is available for Windows and Windows Server currently and there’s the server edition too which is priced at $129.  Developers have  also added a Bootable CD and Bootable Flash Drive version for our convenience. So there’s plenty of choice available for it and there’s nothing more to really get disappointed. The short and good description of this software can be –...

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System Mechanic Review and Giveaway

If you are confined to use a OLD Slow computer or you have a lot of junk data stored and you want your computer to work faster, then here you go. System Mechanic is a software from IOLO that is typically programmed to work on this stuff. The software  is available on their website for $39.95 for Windows 7,XP,Vista and 8. So is this thing worth paying 40 bucks? We’ll find out in this review. We have a giveaway of system mechanic software. Fill out the form at the end of the article.     First of all, what...

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How to record screen on your Android device

You probably wonder how to record screen on your Android device?  There’re pretty much many advantages of screencasting.  It is  better than recording your phone’s screen via Camera because it makes the video more vivid and viewers can interact with it more solely. Perhaps if you’ve a low-end camera, there are focusing issues, or if you don’t  have a  tripod your video can be shaky. So screen casting as per me is one of the best methods for producing  tutorials and app reviews. I uploaded a screencast on our YouTube Channel describing MOONSHINE, one of the best icon packs...

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Should You invest in MINIs?

Well, this fact is common in Android world unlike iOS and Windows Phone up-to certain extend. Whenever a Flagship launches, Rumours about Mini versions are just operated on entire tech blogs in the world. However the most hyped is iPhone 6, till today. What really MINIs personify? That question will never feature dilemma in terms of Answer. Mostly every Tech-aware guy, can answer this question without any hesitation, right?  This phones are kind of Middle Class- not as rich as Flagships, not quite poor as Mid-Rangers and Low end phones. Even though I’m still confused whether MINIs can be...

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