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Blackberry Z10 Review

Pros: Great camera Sleek design Best keyboard I have used on a phone Removable battery cover SD card slot   Cons: Battery life needs improving Needs more applications available on Blackberry World Blackberry 10 needs updating, still has some glitches   Full Review:   The Blackberry Z10 was released on Janurary 2013, meaning it isn’t one of the newest phones on the block. However, I believe that not that many people know about the Z10 or the new Blackberry 10 software.   Blackberry 10 operating system:   The software, which is pre-loaded to the Z10 is the newest Blackberry...

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Clingo Universal Tablet Stand

So, I know what you are thinking…   I normally only make reviews for either cases or headphones, but today I think I can make an exception because of this brilliant stand from MobileFun’s wide range of mobile phone accessories   The stand comes presented with a nice box, which has features of the stand, and the types of tablets that it is for. It also includes a magnetic flap in which you can open and see the stand!   In the box is a user guide, a sticker (of how Clingo thought the iPad mini was going to...

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iChair Review

Hi guys, it is Connor here with a review of an awesome product called the iChair. So the iChair is available to buy from the iChair (links down below), and is currently retailing at £16.50 for the custom version (which equates to around $28.80) and £14 for the classic version (around $21). The iChair comes in 5 different colours (clear, light blue, dark blue, yellow and amber), and it comes in 4 variety’s- a ‘classic’ (iChair branding) for the iPhone 4/4s, a custom version for the iPhone 4/4s (you can have your name with an ‘i’ in front- up...

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Able Planet Clear Harmony™ NC1150

  I recently found out about a headphone brand called Able Planet, they specialise in noise cancellation headphones that rival the likes of the Bose QC 15 and Bose QC 3. In fact, anyone researching into buying one of the Bose QC range will probably bump into these, they even look pretty similar to the QC 15!   Able planet has a huge range of headphones, so you should defiantly go and check them out at     Packaging:   Upon receiving the product my first thoughts was that the packaging looked ok, nothing special, just very simple packaging. In...

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