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kdLinks X1 Dash Cam Review

People may ask why you would want a camera on your car? Well, it’s a simple answer, all of us have been driving and maybe be behind a drunk driver, or have been in a car accident and the other driver says it was your fault and it wasn’t, or we have witnessed a wreck and the police need a reference to see what actually happened. Today I’m going to be reviewing and telling you all about the kdLinks X1 Dash cam. Thank you for tuning in and lets get started on this review! Specs: 165° Wide Angle GPS...

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Elivebuy® 10000mAh Dual-Port Ultra-Thin Compact External Battery

Okay lets be honest for a second. Everybody has been on a road trip or at the office or even on the bus on the way to class when BOOM, your phone dies and you throw yourself in the back of your seat and think “what do I do now?” Well, today I’m going to tell you how you could possibly never have that feeling again with the Elivebuy 10000mAh Dual Port Ultra Thin External Battery Power Bank. Thanks for tuning in and lets get on to the review! Specs: Large capacity of 10,000 mAh, 5V 1A & 2A...

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ZeroLemon Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3″ TriCell Armor 10000mAh Extended Battery + Black TriCell TPU Case Review

  Everybody has seen or even had a phone with an external battery with a case. But what separates the good external battery’s from the good ones? Well, that’s a good question and today we are going to find out the answer while reviewing the ZeroLemon Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3″ TriCell Armor 10000mAh Extended Battery + Black TriCell TPU Case. ZeroLemon has a lot going for them and they’ve created one of the best external battery cases on the market, in my opinion. You will also find that Zerolemon is a little different than other external batteries out there.   Specs: The world’s highest capacity...

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Vority iPhone 5/5S Battery Case with Rubberized Frames Review

Don’t you hate when you’re out having fun and you decide to check your phone and it’s already at 5%. Well this is where the Vority iPhone 5/5S Battery Case is going to come in clutch and keep your phone from dying. But the coolest part about it, just swap out your frames and you can have a case that not only charges your phone but also matches your outfit for the night.   What Comes in the Box: Vority Keep Talking X5S iPhone 5/5S Battery Case Micro USB Power Cable (charger NOT included) 7 Bumper Frames in various colors Audio Jack...

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Kyasi Power On the Go PowerBank Review

Today we will be taking the inside look at the Kyasi Power On the Go PowerBank. Everybody loves a good power bank and this is why so many people own one. PowerBanks when invented were a very fast growing market. But what separates good PowerBanks from bad ones? Quality? Details? are they safe? compatibility? Well this is what we will be taking a look at in this review of the Kyasi PowerBank. Specs: 10000mAh lithium polymer power bank battery pack Compatible with all USB devices Colors: White USB to micro USB charging cable                                      The Review: First the packaging of the PowerBank was...

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