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Audyssey Media Player



We all want the best possible sound from our favorite pair of ear buds or headphones because after all we indeed payed a good price for them well Chris and team  at Audyssey have developed a an app to help make your already good sounding headphones better but before I go onto what this app is about let me tell you about my history with Audyssey a year ago I had the chance to take a look at the then Media Speakers they were selling which now they have moved out of this market and into creating and licensing advanced audio technologies to many manufacturers around the world. You can see a list of them on the front page of their website I knew a year ago when I tested those speakers out and knew they were a company I wanted to put on my watch list if you are looking at this post on or before september 20 then head over to the app store to download this media player for Free otherwise its only $.99 still a heck of a bargain at that price Okay so now onto why this app is special the Audyssey Media player applies Audyssey’s professional audio technologies to optimize your music for your headphones. It’s the only app that knows your specific headphones, playback device and playback volume making it the smartest music app ever created. Experience deep, rich, expansive sound simply by picking your headphones, playing your music and hearing the difference. It’s very easy to get started just pick your headphones from the menu individually calibrated headphone profiles are used to optimize your music then choose your model to get started don’t worry if you don’t see your model of headphones Audyssey is always adding more models to the list But you can also help Audyssey out by telling them to list your headphones on there website now its time to play your music so you already know the iTunes experience but now it will have a bit of added personalization power. Audyssey’s patented Tilt control gives you the power to precisely adjust bass and treble to your liking I am sure you will be able to hear the difference Audyssey brings a decade of the most advanced audio science to your listening experience. Now here’s the cool part I like about this app the app will also play songs from iCloud after they are downloaded to your device. If you have older DRM files please note that Apple doesn’t allow any audio processing on these files. The app will still play them, but Audyssey’s technologies will be disabled.  Now for you online streaming peeps who want to get the same sound quality you get from your iOS device visit Audyssey partner Songza, a music streaming service and app that uses the same technology that’s in the Audyssey Media Player. I usually use Spotify/Pandora for my music but I have given this service and I really like it I will write about this another time for your enjoyment but to wrap up the Audyssey Media player is an app every music person should have in their phone


Fun Fact :

The Audyssey breakthroughs are used by luxury car makers, music studios and IMAX Theaters


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