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Ascape Audio Ascend 1 Headphone Review



“Wow” was the words that popped into my head when I opened the box to these Earbuds. The Ascape Audio Ascend 1 Earpods is the product that we will be looking at today. I was very interested in this product because not only are they wireless and compatible with the iPhone 7, but they look a lot better than some of the other wireless earbuds on the market. Welcome to the review of the Ascend 1 Wireless Earbuds.

* Bluetooth Version: V4.1
* Frequency Response: 20Hz -20Khz
* Sensitivity at 100Hz: 97dB +/- 3 dB
* Impedance: 16Ω
* Working Distance: <10m
* Battery Capacity: 60mAh
* Talking Time: 4 Hours
* Music-Play Time: 3.5 Hours
* Charging Time: 40 Minutes

* Ascend-1 Charging Case
* Ascend-1 Stereo Earbuds
* USB Charging Cable
* 3x Earbud Tips Sizes (S/M/L)
* Ascend-1 User Manual
* Ascend-1 Performance Guide

The Review:
The first impression I had when i saw these earphones was the nice packaging that the product was in. Opening up the packaging I found the charging case with the earbuds in them. The charging case is very unique because of the easy ability to put your earbuds in the case and let them charge. There are lights on the charging case to show when the earbuds are charged and ready to be listened to, there is also a LED light to show how much battery is left in the charging case itself. The feel of the charging case is amazing and is also very compact making it very easy to fit into your pockets and easy to slide in your backpack while carrying your earbuds without adding any bulk. I found that the charging case charges the earbuds pretty fast and can charge the earbuds about five times before the charging case itself has to be charged. The earbuds themselves are very slick and low-profile when in your ear. The earbuds sound very good and favor the bass in the music. Several different interchangeable earpieces make the earbud fit into all different sizes of ears. I had no problem finding the right earpiece for me and there was no hassle of the earbuds falling out of my ears. I did several different things to test the earphones and the earbuds did not budge when I did any of my tasks such as working out, running, and yard work. The earbuds are very comfortable and are not going to slide out when moving around or even sweating which is very important. With a wireless earbud. The earbuds all around are built with the consumer in mind and built at a very high quality.

In Conclusion:
This product is great if you’re looking for a earbud that is affordable, well-built, and very compact and portable. I love the earbud and I’ve enjoyed every second that I’ve listened to them. These earbuds are better in all aspects when comparing them with the Apple Airpods and they’re also a lot cheaper. I am very impressed with the earbuds and with devices switching to Bluetooth earphones, these are some earbuds that definitely need to be recognized for their great features and quality overall.


Check them out: Ascape Audio Ascend 1 Earpods



10/10 product – Awesome Bluetooth Headphone

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