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Okay so I know what you are saying “dave what does this have to do with tech you seem to check out” Yeah you sorta are right but think about it all of us techies drink coffee. Mark emailed us to do a review of their coffee and first thought I said “hot dam of course I will” so I got it and it came in this oversized mailer with 2 ground coffee bags the package looked like customs beat the poop out of it and later I found out they did there was a pin hole in one of the bags didnt effect the coffee just ment I had to use QUICK! hopefully when you get yours it comes it a box to prevent this so for demo purposes


I used my Keurig machine along with mycup in the machine I have upstairs when I need a quick cup of coffee and don’t want to make a whole pot of coffee I suggest this machine to anyone who doesn’t drink a lot of coffee and enjoy the fresh smell and taste of good coffee Bounce Ground coffee is a great way to make a perfect cup of espresso coffee every time. Ideal for regular coffees, Espresso, Americano, cappuccino & Lattes. Can be used in most espresso coffee machines such as Kenwood, DeLonghi, Cuisinart, Dualit, Gaggia, Siemens or other espresso maker. for those of you out there who insist upon a 100% arabica espresso we offer this little piece of ‘sex on a stick’. Our old favourite the Brazilian Daterra Bourbon and more than a generous hint of Sumatran Mahandeling. Expect crema heaven with this thick and curvy bodied beauty, between a typical French and Italian espresso roast… Creamy yet full and satisfying, with the Sumatran providing a wonderful baritone of bitter-sweet dark chocolate.


Now my thoughts on Aromo BOUNCE Espresso Ground Coffee first I am not a big fan of espresso ground just standard ground does fine for me but don’t let that bug you just use a bit less coffee to get it to your taste I think drinking this coffee I drank less than I would normally have on a day down from 4 to 2 cups if you fill that mycup all the way up you will have what I call “mud coffee” which isn’t the best but sure will keep you wired if I had to compare this coffee to my brand Kcup from green mountain coffee I would stick with Green Mountain but it still a good coffee and still do enjoy it. If you are asking about the taste its a cross with Starbucks and regular gourmet coffee I get at my dinar which is good coffee providing you don’t keep it on the burner for longer then 8 mins If you want to check out the coffee products Aromo offers I suggest you give them a look here