Have you ever found yourself struggling to stay awake in the morning? If so look no further than Aromo-Coffee, they have a wide variety of coffee to suit everyone’s taste-buds. In this article, I will be bringing you my thoughts on the Bounce Espresso Ground Coffee by Aromo, so read on to see if this is thecoffee that deserves a space in your cupboard.


Worth the Purchase ? : Yes

Where ? : Aromo-Coffee

Price : £4.00

The Aromo bounce espresso ground coffee comes in a zip-lock bag, which means after each use you can re-seal the bag , so you don’t spill any of the coffee, which I quite like. At the back of the bag , there are 4 little vents, which you can smell the coffee through before you open the bag. When I had smelt the coffee, after opening the bag, my first thoughts where “OMG”, the aroma was breath taking , just like what it says on the website , ” Sex on a stick”. Accompanying the bag of coffee, I also received an Aromo leaflet, showing all the other ranges of coffee, coffee pods, ground coffee, coffee capsules and also how to make a frappeccino and donuts. The coffee tastes exquisite , it has a nice tangy,chocolaty taste and helps you to relax. This coffee is perfect for early birds, as the coffee is made from 100% arabica espresso and has a strength of 5/5, so after a few sips of the coffee you will jump into life. This coffee is certainly not for children under 13 or 14 because if they take afew sips of this, they will be as mad as haters(hipper). After brewing , my entire house was enriched with the beautiful aroma of the coffee and afew visitors I had to the house requested the coffee after just stepping in the door, I don’t blame them , its mind-blowingly good.

Overall The Bounce espresso ground coffee by Aromo, is with out a dought the best ground coffee I have ever tried, it has a nice tangy, chocolaty taste, the aroma is absolutely beautiful, the packaging is nice and better yet the price is amazing at only £4.00 for a 250g bag , which is one hell of a deal, If I do say so myself and If you decide to purchase a bag , you will not be disappointed, trust me.

Rating 10/10 – Best ground coffee I’ve tried yet. definetly worth the purchase.

Thanks to Mark from Aromo for sending this coffee out for review.