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Arcadie Retro Gaming Console for iPhone



I’m not a big gamer as I used to be when I was younger but I found myself using the Arcadie Retro Gaming Console for iPhone from Mobilefun as a bored killer and it sure is a flashback to the glory days of gaming. Arcadie integrates your iPhone 4S / 4 into an authentic, arcade-style cabinet complete with joystick and buttons. Impress your friends, family and co-workers with Arcadie’s great-looking retro design, and then challenge them for high scores on the most entertaining iPhone accessory imaginable. It’s so easy to control to grab hold of  the miniature joystick and smash the eight arcade buttons for commanding control of iPhone’s on-screen action. This truly unique arcade cabinet game-controller for iPhone will offer hours of action and nostalgic fun for years to come.What is very cool is that using innovative technology Arcadie requires no batteries, Bluetooth or wifi configuration – it is literally plug and play. Simply open the back of the Arcadie and insert your iPhone to get started. Now you might be saying ok where do I find the games for this device well the games can be found on the iOS App store by simple searching Arcadie ans you be on the journey recreate the 8-bit glory of the gaming golden age. Games now available from the app store are: Arcadie Blasteroids, Arcadie Alien Invaders, Arcadie Defender, Arcadie Ping (Pong) and many more.Enter the Arcadie and go back to the future. I should note it was a bit challenging to get started but once I got used to how it gets placed in the dock it was easy to undock and dock into the device Overall if you are looking for something to kill boredom in the butt and remember your young years then you are going love this product Be sure to check out some other cool Apple iPhone 4S Novelty and Fun products

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