Just like in my Leather Sleave review from iTrust this company also sells on etsy I have to say so far I am loving this site Today we will be reviewing the iPhone 4/s case Cocobolo Limited edition from Arbor cases which was born from a boy and his love of trees and building tree houses when he was young and just being outdoors like any other kid heck even I was hyper kid with my friends building clubhouses and having mini wars against each others houses but besides going

on about me lets save that for a vlog  now that he is married he has a love more for technology and less for outdoors so he brought a iPhone and had a plastic case but it didn’t look nice so he got some planks from his parents of  “Arthur” and made some Great Walnut iPhone Cases from them after he made them he sanded it he also hand rubbed oil to help protect it  The case I picked for review is of a very rare Exotic tropical Cocobolo wood The soft yet strong feel of the Cocobolo wood is a luxury unto itself


Used for high-end chess sets, pool cues, knife handles and gun stocks. This orange to reddish-brown Central American wood has countless uses. Because of the wood’s beauty and value, it is in high demand and has limited availability and has a cost that is nearly 4 times that of then his other iPhone 4/4S cases When you do decide to install the case make sure you watch his install video and email him with any questions Bill was very helpful to resting my fears to the side with why my case wouldnt fit in turns out some White iPhone 4’s are thicker then black iPhones and if you are planning on docking your iPhone you will have to take the bottom portion off as the dock opening only fits Standard apple connectors some

earbuds might not work also all of the cases are pre inspected before shipping out Why not buy a Arbor case for your earth loving friend this new year