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A Look at Android 5.1.1 on the Moto 360




Hello guys, I’m Tyler and Today I am going to be reviewing android 5.1.1 on the moto 360. I will be looking at Speed, software, and the battery so without further or do I’m about to hit you with a review.

Okay so at times the watches frame-rate does drop but not enough to get annoying, most of the time its a pretty smooth user experience.the apps and google now run flawlessly and they are seamlessly integrated into the watch. I wouldn’t say it’s for everyone but hey, it definitely beats the apple watch.
The software has come a long way and honestly I love it, it’s one of the better wearable softwares that I enjoy. It’s a bit of a vanilla feel to it but in this case it’s a great thing. More and more apps are coming out daily for android wear and I feel as if it’s going to outsell apple.
Okay I’ll admit one thing, the Moto 360 is good for only notifications and telling the time, other than that the watch takes a big hit at its battery. Theater mode helps when you need it to stay off but even that drains battery. The battery usually lasts me a full day easily but it’s definitely not for those who have trouble keeping their phones charged, because you have to plug it in every night.
Okay thanks for reading this review I hope you enjoyed it, and as always don’t forget to join the tech side.

Hello guys, I’m Tyler Reed, and my love of tech started when I was around 13 years old. I had just gotten the HTC Wildfire S, which at the time, was perfectly functional, I made tons of videos on it, but my voice was super high pitched and the videos weren't very entertaining, so I deleted them all. Soon after I really got into writing, and tech is where I found my niche, so when I was offered a chance to write for NHTech I jumped on it, I have come very far from where I started and I can honestly say I didn’t expect to get this far. I spend my summers doing nothing, seriously, so I thought I would get into doing something I liked. hopefully one day I will get paid for doing what I love, but honestly doing it for free is okay with me.

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