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This is my video review-So I’ve used a few different battery cases and this has got to one of my top 3 cases I love that it has a kickstand and a nice gloss back it does fingerprints but I can live with that since it just performs better than the other two in my top 3 The battery case has a identifying mark on it which is the Alpatronix Logo followed by the kickstand on the back The case comes with a Mini USB and instruction booklet and its is great for those who need more battery juice during the day If you are getting this to work the floor at CES or any convention then you love it the case has a Integrated high-capacity, 2400 mAh battery can offer over a full 120% charge to iPhone 5 in less than 2 hours This makes it for sure a true power extension for the iPhone 5, you will need an extra adapter to use your headphones which is included since the headphone jack this battery charger also charges very quick there is 4 LED each light is 25% battery status one