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AirFong 3 in 1 iFlash Drive HD



Today I am going to review a flash drive for your apple device  from a company called AirFong which is a company that sells on Amazon. The design of the reader is nice and looks like a very sturdy product but how well does it perform? That’s what this review intends to show you, so read on….


Product Name: AirFong 3 in 1 i-Flash Drive HD

The Review:

There’s a been a problem for years with apple devices and that is STORAGE! no not in the sense of where do I put my device but rather unloading the various pictures and videos we’ve taken with our phone one of old ways which I am guilty of is sending them as an attachment to myself via email but that is time-consuming who has TIME anymore to do that we live in an age where QUICK isn’t just for food or internet services but in everything we do so why not make it QUICK.

With this product compared to a few other similar items (we’ll check out soon) I’ve used a micro or standard SD cards my model I got for review comes with a 8GB micro SD card but I’ve used my standard Kingston 32 GB to unload photos and video on my device. I first found out that a product like this existed when I was at CES 2014 but of course many other companies will adapt to the market which I found out since fall of last year most companies started coming out with their own “iFlash Drive” some of them were fake but this one isn’t it just uses a different app than the original but still there isn’t any problem

There is a big difference when you start to compare all the versions but that’s mostly design they all do the same and that’s having the ability to plug a special flash drive into your iPhone. Before I started using devices like this I used to just use the MobileLite Wireless but still that’s a big device and what if you want to carry light well that’s where devices like the Airfong i-Flash-Drive come into play.

But don’t think I’m knocking the MobileLite Wireless I still love that device since  you can create your own Wi-Fi signal allowing a connection of up to 8 devices for photos and data but that’s good for when you are having a meeting or family over but what if it’s just you on an airplane and you might just want to stream a few HD movies you downloaded on your flash drive to pass the time of being on a boring airplane  now you can and you don’t have to be jailbroken to get access to any file system. There is no battery since the power comes directly from your iPhone just like any other flash drive. Basically when it comes to down to it for us apple users our prayers have been answered for what Android users have done for years

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