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Air Camera



If you are looking for app to maybe watch your kids play in
the room downstairs while you upstairs working on a report for work
and you have a apple tv near by then you will love Air
which is an ultimate solution when you need to
stream live pictures from your camera to AppleTV. Basically
using front or back camera from the iPhone, iPad or iPod
as streaming device you can record the streams this might be nice
if you want to have a cooking show but dont have enough room for a
tripod and camera in the small kitchen you can also make your
video look very neat with 3 different effects Sepia , Grey and
Cartoon even though on the app it says it will work with iPod
touch 4th gen trust me it wont airplay mirror to the apple tv they
might be a tweak or an app to help with this but from what I
could search that part wont work for you which kinda
makes the app useless on the iPod since all you can do is record
and that’s what the stock app is for but over all I do like the app
and had no problem besides the small problem I stated but that’s
more apple and device problem and not a coding problem for $.99 its
great to see if the UPS person or whomever is at the door I would
just make sure your phone is plugged in so you don’t waste battery
while using it as a closed circuit camera

Chief Editor,casual dude just doing my thing on this rock getting the job done

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