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So you might be wondering why I decided to check out a product for antenna tv since I have cable tv well even though cable with Comcast and I think they should have an app like Timewarner cable that allows us to watch our live tv on our iPad’s I dont see this coming anytime soon so I went looking and found this cool and VERY new service called Aereo which is an innovative remote (cloud-based) antenna/DVR technology which you all know I love cloud-based services anything where I dont have to buy or  keep up hardware Aereo makes watching television simple and user-friendly. Using Aereo’s technology, consumers can pause, rewind and fast-forward any program that they are watching live , or save a program for future viewing just like if you were paying for Comcast, Now In Boston which was the second city to launch as part of Aereo’s expansion announced in January which is as far as Aerio has gotten for us Granite stators but not to worry they are rolling out more and more cities every month now focusing on major cities So again in Boston there are 28 over-the-air broadcast channels accessible through Aereo’s antenna/DVR technology, including major networks such as WGBH (PBS), WBZ-TV (CBS), WCVB (ABC), WHDH(NBC), WLVI (CW) and WFXT(Fox) and some special interest channels  such as The Country Network, PBS Kids, Ion and Qubo; and Spanish-language broadcast  channels such as Univision and Telemundo. In addition, consumers can also add Bloomberg  Television, for a total of 29 channels. So you might be saying what devices can I use this service on Aereo works on ‘smart’ devices from tablets to phones to laptop computers. Aereo is currently supported on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Chrome, Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, AppleTV (via airplay) and Roku devices. I wasnt able to get it on the cloud-based browser Puffin which was shame but having it on a regular browser was quite cool I hate having to install another file for a simple service to watch some shows on the go  At first I though this service was going to be slow or not even worth it but after some playing time out in the field with it I can say I like it see with me the only reason I still have Comcast is some family members like watching other tv networks like Nat Geo , History INT and History , there’s some other networks but for me I like having the tv on while on my iPad or desktop as something to go to when taking a break from tech devices even though my iPad is always near I tell people all the time I only watch a few networks TBS,WMUR,CW56,Adult Swim, and sometimes HGTV,TNT (or what network is playing a  good CSI or Law in Order show) sometimes since I cant find live tv though Comcast and yes I have dreamed  about timewarner cable but I don’t like the bad stories I hear about their customer service nor am I moving away from NH and into Maine I love this state Anyways I am getting of track So I decided to record a show just like one from my generation growing up would put a tape into the vcr and set the record Aerio has a DVR feature at $12 month which isn’t too much users are assigned two antennas, which means you have the option to so you can record two programs at the same time couldn’t do that back in the day of VCR’s or you can record one program for later while watching another program live (at the same time) back in the day I remember my mom recording something on the main tv and I had to go into another room to watch something I wanted  or I went outside and took a bike ride But here’s the best part of Aerio you can watch two live programs on two different devices only if you have the $12 plan that is and when you are watching a live program you are also recording which provides you with the ability to pause and rewind Now for those who travel I am told in the future for example, Aereo members in New York, but travel to Boston for work, will be able to watch live while in Boston (but not set recordings in Boston or view their New York recordings, but you would have the ability to manage your recordings).  Essentially, you would have the ability to watch live in the markets were Aereo is available.  Right now, that capability is not available yet.  Hopefully they will have this all fixed since I know many of us like to catch up with local TV networks where are family live but have to wait to see a small video clip on Facebook But having the time to be able to watch live coverage about something that impacts your family and you are in another state or maybe you are in the military and you are used to watching tv with the family late at nite maybe in a video conference with your parents or kids TV  is and will always be a staple in our life Overall I think Aereo has a good thing going for them here and I cant wait to see where they stand a year from now I am hoping to see more cable channels partner with them  If you want to explore a bit on the different features you get between the two plans Aereo has come up with a press release that talks a bit about their budget friendly prices keep in mind even if this was a free service we are talking about up keep maintenance of servers something a free streaming service cant do plus if you ever need help free live streaming services might not be best when it comes to support I mean of course Aereo might be able to run ads on the video feed but I think that might run into problems with the over the air networks saying “HEY we want our cut too” Kinda like how Spotify works with artists  So give it a shot start with a $4 plan and see if you like it and If Aereo isn’t there for your city now Pre Register to show you WANT Aereo in your city’s viewing market Happy Viewing!

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