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Adam Elements 16GB iKlips Lightning / USB 3.0 Dual-Interface Flash Drive



Today I am going to review a another flash drive for your apple device from a company called XCSource they have a motivated hardworking team, providing the best products with a premium value to their online customers including consumers and business partners. The flash drive costs about $59.00 USD and comes with Free shipping if you choose a prime seller so that’s all you will pay. So not bad for the price but how does it perform? That’s what this review intends to show you, so read on….


Product Name: Adam Elements 16GB iKlips Lightning / USB 3.0 Dual-Interface Flash Drive

Provider: XCSOURCE

 The Review:

To save you some more reading I’ll cut to the point in the past few months I’ve seen more of these types of apple flash drives coming out to the market so which one do you choose? There is one I found to be top quality even though it came with higher price I like it alot the app is also built well too. It’s got a tough shell outside and it has a nice clip users can easily use and clip on to a shirt or inside of a backpack  but there might be some worries of cap loss since the design at both ends of the drive makes it have a non-tethered silicone cap. But with all that said it’s still one of my top drives for my iPhone that can be easily attached to purses, bags or just put into your pocket with your phone.

I had friends help test this drive and they like it they loved the concept of this not a big fan of price but it comes with the apple territory. The transfer speed is also very quick wasn’t expecting it to be but they nailed it  Overall I was very impressed by this very cool well designed drive

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