Hello guys Tyler here, and today I will be doing a first look at the acer Chromebook c740, so, without further or do, let’s get started.

Now the reason I have this Chromebook is because I was put into a pilot to test if it was use-able at school, and let me tell you, it is way better than carrying around textbooks. I will be going over looks, usability, and durability, as I have not had the device long enough to do a full review.


On the left side of the device there is a headphone port, USB 3 port, HTMI, and the charging port. If we look at the front of the device we have 2 led lights, very minimal but definitely noticeable. If we take a look at the right side of the device we have a SD card port, along with a USB 2.0 port and a kensington lock. The 13 inch screen turned out better than i had expected, it gets super bright with little to no saturation problems. The keyboard is responsive and has some great key travel, almost perfect in my opinion. the speakers are loud and have a great mix of everything, besides base, which makes the sound flat sounding. The track-pad hasn’t disappointed yet, still smooth, and my finger still effortlessly glides across it. over all acer definitely won in the looks department.


If you have ever used Chrome OS or just the Chrome Browser, you already know that Chrome uses a lot of RAM. This thing is a powerhouse when it comes to using multiple tabs, now pages like the verge or android authority do run a bit slow, they run a lot better on chrome os than they do on a windows machine. I can easily get to textbooks online, and Evernote helps alot when taking notes.


I haven’t dropped this device, but it feels real nice in the hand, except the keyboard is super sensitive, and breaks easily.Now if I had to chose between the c740 and the c720 I’d definitely choose this device, as it is an upgrade from the last build, it’s faster, more durable, and can be used a lot easier.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to see my content, and as always don’t forget to join the tech side.