Hello guys I’m Tyler Reed, and today I will be reviewing the a Chromebook 15, so without further or do, I’m about to hit you, with a review. Before we begin I’m going to give you a rundown about this review. I will be going over 3 things, unboxing experience, user friendliness, and overall performance, I will be looking at these things from a customer’s point of view, not from a tech enthusiasts type of way, so lets get started for real this time.

Unboxing Experience:

Now acer boxes up all of their laptops in the exact same way but overall it was a pleasant, yet simplistic experience. The packing was done nicely and I had no difficulty getting the product out of the packaging. My device was not damaged in any way, as the packing was very protective.

User Friendliness:

If you have ever used the chrome Web Browser, then you know how to use Chrome OS. chrome OS isn’t just a browser, you can download apps, and actually type documents off line.

Overall Performance:

With its 1gb of ram and a 16gb emmc ssd, this thing runs like a champ. i surf the web, listen to music, and manage my websites (links down below) all at the same time, and I still haven’t noticed any lag or stutters. which leads into the final question, would I use it? and the answer is yes, I’ve used it everyday since I’ve received it.

That just about finishes things up, thanks for staying tuned and as always don’t forget to join the tech side!