Acase and its engineering team are always working to make sure you have the best case possible they  re-created a new mold upon receipt of an original iPhone 5 to replace the original model which may be little loose-fitting the  Superleggera PRO series While the exterior hard shell prevents scratches and damage from accidental drops, the interior silicone coating covering all ports provides unparalleled shock resistance. With the easy snap on protective case, Acase Superleggera PRO gives your iPhone complete double layer protection.they chose high quality material to also prevent damage from more serious drops and impacts. In combination with a tough silicone coating, they also use customized Japanese paint to create more vivid colors, smoother surfaces, and more durability. also they have made an already sleek case even thinner (less than 11.4mm). Acase’s goal to not to just create A+ quality accessories for customers, but also to build upon the earlier designs by taking feedback By “fine tuning” what was already one the best-selling and most highly rated cases for the iphone 4, they felt the Supeleggera Pro for the iPhone 5 is the best solution on the market today to protect your device. This case comes in 8 colors Black, White, Red, Purple, Gold, Orange, Carol Blue and Hot Pink even though I had a green case didn’t see a lot of talk about it you can get access to to all buttons and features; silicone plugs provide coverage for ports. Now for when you have a problem Acase Provides 100% satisfaction product to our customers. So if there is any issue with the case, they will take care of you. With the new Superleggera PRO case for the iphone 5, you can have the best of both worlds.