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A Digital Valentine’s Day?



Well As I Was Watching The Game This Past Sunday I Was Looking At All The High Tech Used To Put This Game On and I was amazed I mean this is great of course they were playing at my team’s stratum and yes I root for the cowboys you may boo me now I know they aren’t a good team but I like a challenge so I came to an idea for a short news post for this week cause as I am writing this I am sick and I don’t think it helps to be eating all this stuff why not write about how people plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day but of course try to put something tech in here well here goes.

Americans are having a passionate love affair with technology, so much so that it has come to be integrated with nearly every aspect of our day-to-day life. And with all of the social networking, online shopping, casual gaming, digital entertainment, and other public displays of affection rampantly occurring between us and technology, it would make sense if we expressed our love with others this way – via email, text messaging, etc. – on one of the most romantic days of the year. But it just isn’t so.

Despite the intense digital age we live in, Americans are surprisingly traditional when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day. In fact, in a survey conducted by creative 3D and flip animation photo site, A Company called (, found:

  • Nearly 9 in 10 people plan to say “be mine” with a heartfelt valentine this year.
  • 9 in 10 Americans will express their affection with a hand-picked paper greeting card via snail mail or in-person.
  • More than 8  in 10 will send a Valentine’s Day card to their significant other and one third will send one to a friend.

Presents, flowers and conversation hearts are all well and good, but there’s just something special about sharing personalized notes on beautiful or even humorous stationary with your special someone, be it a significant other, family member or friend. And in this digital age with everything being done online, it’s always nice to get some mail beyond bills once in a while. In fact, when asked why they continue to send paper greeting cards vs. e-cards, more than eight in 10 said they choose paper over electronic cards for the “personalization that comes from hand picking, writing and sending a tangible card.” Happy Valentines Day From Me To You

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