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5 OS X Mavericks Tips & Tricks



OS X Mavericks

Apple announced its new operating system OS X Mavericks.  In every operating system there is always some trick or tips to  use the computer to the maximum potential. Mavericks includes a ton of tips and tricks, but in this article I am going to only talk about 5. This will make your life easier by surfing Mavericks and make your mac even better.


1. Update Apps Automatically.

1. Updates

In iOS 7 we were introduced with this feature, it was not surprise that Apple will add this feature for Mavericks.

In System Preferences > App Store, you now have the ability to Install app updates, as well as Install system data files and security updates — all automatically. Check these boxes, and you’ll never be bothered with updates again.


2. Install Updates Later


It happens to all of us, an important update popped up for an application that you’re currently using. OS X Mavericks can help with the need of not closing your app and update. Just open the Mac App Store and select the small drop-down menu on the Update button that appears. You can Install Now, Try in an Hour, Try Tonight, or the ability to set a reminder. This will home very handy.

3. Purchasing iBooks

iBooks Store

Is good to have iBooks in Mavericks makes you read your books in all your devices. Apple is putting all there iOS apps in Mac OS. You can have your books that you bought in your iOS device in iBooks for Mac. Simply open the new iBooks app, and select the iBooks Store button in the upper-left-hand corner of the window (or press Shift + Command + H). Peruse the iBooks Store, and purchase books with the same ease as in iTunes Store.

Quick Links

4. Directions in Map


Select the Directions button in the default Maps toolbar  to view the directions view. In this view, you can specify a starting location and end location, and the mode of transportation. You can then print these directions.

5.Viewing Local Search Results

Map 7

When searching for a local point of interest in Maps, you can click on the location and then press the Info button for the pin. You will get a popup that lists the info for that place, along with the ability to see reviews and photos from Yelp.

I hope that you enjoy reading this article, don’t forget to watch the video.

My name is Christian Figueroa, I am 18 years old. Currently studying film in Full Sail University. I am always been a Tech enthusiast and like to learn more about it every day. Besides loving technology I loved making movies and is my passion to make short films.

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