Hello guys I’m Tyler Reed and today I am going to be going over a 400 dollar gaming PC build so, without further or do, let’s get started.

Now, this isn’t a high end gaming build this is for lighter games.

I usually start with the processor for this build I recommend intel’s Core i3-4160 it has the best single thread performance and is great for multitasking, which runs you around 100 to 125 dollars. If you’re more experienced you can get a Pentium G3258, it would save you 50 dollars and you can overclock it for better performance, but that will definitely impact the lifetime of the processor.

For graphics I chose the R9 260x as it is 100 dollars and is a definite steal for the performance at its price range.

For the motherboard I went with a cheap yet very efficient MSI H81M-E33 LGA 1150 Intel H81 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Micro ATX, it’s a mini ATX board so its small but has all of the PC motherboard components, and leaves space for extra fans.

For the RAM I recommend 8gb of something in the 30 dollar range, inexpensive, but easy to replace.

A 500 watt power supply is recommended, once again cheap and easy to replace. literally there’s hundreds of options out there.

For the case I chose the Sentey Computer Case CS1-1398 PRO, it still leaves plenty of space for airflow, and 30 dollars is a steal for its build quality at that price.

Okay that’s the build, it isn’t for full out gaming, as it was a build under 400 dollars, like this video if you liked it, and dislike it if you disliked it and as always don’t forget to join the tech side!