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If you are looking to create your own house away from home you might want to try 3D Home on the Google Play store which is an ultimate 3D launcher for creating a “Home! Sweet Home!” on your Android device! Your Android mobile device is a “home” for many of the things you enjoy. With the 3D Home you can now create a unique desktop experience on your Android device that allows you to connect with it in a whole new way! The 3D Home allows you to easily manage every aspect of your mobile desktop in a virtual realm. Don’t like the wallpaper? Change it Want to watch a video? Go to your virtual living room and watch it. Want to check the weather? Just do it. With 3D Home, nothing is standard–it’s all about what you want and how you want to do it! There are many features but to name a few there is a Innovative Menu Interface where you can use your apps with a single press of a button quite cool and a Incredible 3D Experience your mobile device home is equipped with the most innovative 3D effects. Just imagine rotating ceilings, walls, and floors. Each room of your home will seem to come to life Now I am not a expect in this app so I have to say that this 3D Home app is in short is gimmicky. I don’t personally understand it. In my short time using this app I have found that it  just slows down my device by using the Ram and the CPU which is a waste. Even though I only had a few days to play with it the UI was not buggy but i could see speed changes in my Nexus 4. It wasn’t good. The UI is ok,  it works but that’s pretty much to some up what it does in a nutshell is changes your icons and the background color using their launcher Which once again slows down the device maybe it had something to do with the storage on my device or I was over the 1G Byte RAM needed for this app Overall I would recommend this app since it Free in the Google Play Store and then you can see for yourself if it slows down your device I this might be a short review but I only had two days with the app since my android phone ended up getting stolen at the start of this of month I hope you enjoyed this review and have a great day!

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