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My Thoughts on MWC 2016



Hello guys Tyler here and today we will be taking a look at my thoughts on MWC 2016, so without further or do let’s get into it.

There were two main phones released, actually three but two were by the same company. The LG G5 and the Samsung galaxy S7 and S7 edge, that’s right, no plus, or any confusing naming. So we’re going to start with the LG G5 because if i start with the boring part, well, nobody would read this.

The LG G5 is a complete redesign of the G series, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. LG went with an all metal build, and added modularity, I’m not even sure if that’s a word or not. LG promises a number of modular add-on’s, my favorite is the camera module, it adds an extra grip, a scroll wheel (used for zoom) a physical shutter and record button, and extra battery life. This is a phone I want to get my hands on, since I shoot all of my videos from my Moto X Style. This phone looks nice, has some cool features, and well it’s something people have been saying we would have two years ago. I give LG props for stepping up to the home plate, and changing the game.

The S7 and S& edge, are well the same, just a bigger screen, and a better processor. Samsung really need to up their game, Touch-wiz is still laggy, Their phones still overhead, and they still need to work on those speakers. The build of the phones is nice, glass back and front with a metal trim, they got rid of the pesky, crappy, and sharp flat back, it is now curved just like on the note 5, but the fact that it is mostly glass sucks, even though it’s hard to scratch, it still ends up scratching. The processor (snapdragon 820) is a huge upgrade, but a processor doesn’t make a phone better, the phone is laggy, slow, and it looks ugly in my opinion.

The LG G5 wins, no questions asked, because it’s Different, and better. Thanks for your time, and have a nice day.

Hello guys, I’m Tyler Reed, and my love of tech started when I was around 13 years old. I had just gotten the HTC Wildfire S, which at the time, was perfectly functional, I made tons of videos on it, but my voice was super high pitched and the videos weren't very entertaining, so I deleted them all. Soon after I really got into writing, and tech is where I found my niche, so when I was offered a chance to write for NHTech I jumped on it, I have come very far from where I started and I can honestly say I didn’t expect to get this far. I spend my summers doing nothing, seriously, so I thought I would get into doing something I liked. hopefully one day I will get paid for doing what I love, but honestly doing it for free is okay with me.

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