Hello guys, Tyler here, and today I will be reviewing the ZTE Maven, so let’s get started!

Okay so this phone runs for around 60 dollars, I guess it depends on where you buy it. in this review i will be going over several different things, Hardware, performance, camera, and how well it handles all day usage, so let’s get started!

Hardware: This device is rocking a 4.5 inch IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen (i don’t really believe this is IPS though). The viewing angles are decent, but for the price what could you really expect, at full brightness you can easily see the screen in direct sunlight, but am i the only one who wishes they should really try to put a matte finish on phone screens? I honestly feel like that would be a huge game changer.

on the top of the device we have a 3.5mm headphone jack, and the power button, on the right side we have the volume rockers, on the left side we have the micro USB /charger plug, and on the bottom we have a mic. on the back of the phone we have a 5 megapixel camera, I actually used this to shoot two of my videos. There is also a second mic right next to the camera, now the microphones suck, that is why I have voiced over my last two videos.

Performance: Now if you use this device, you can definitely tell the price, it isn’t completely crap, it freezes every now and again, and lags sometimes, it is an annoyance, but not enough of one that we could catch on camera.

Camera: This 5 megapixel camera surprised me, now i know it isn’t the best but it was good enough to produce two decent YouTube videos, and that’s saying something for this price, would it replace your camera, definitely not, the colors are inaccurate, and the blacks aren’t black, the camera requires way more light than required.

All day usage: now this phones 2100mah battery is disappointing, after a day’s usage I find myself having to plug it in around 5:00 pm. The battery is decent, but for a hundred dollars more I could get a Moto G and the battery would blow this one into outer space. 

so, that wraps up this review, pick one up here thanks for reading and don’t forget to join the tech side! (Video below)